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Machine Dazzle

Machine Dazzle Himself The most beloved and feared of all the dazzles, Machine Dazzle, also known as Pussy-On-My-Shoulder Dazzle, is the tallest dazzle. Our genius costume designer, Machine has shaped the House of Dazzle as we know it—not only responsible for the overall wardrobe of the dazzles, Machine is also credited with bringing the concept of "all glitter, all the time, all ovah" to the dazzles. The bottom of Machine's feet are magic microscopic galaxies in the making, and you better watch your dance-step—there is a reason why they call him Machine Dazzle. A product of all nations, Machine's genetic background has enabled him to transcend all contemporary boundaries of being, and although the sparkling wallflower-child, Machine will blow your mind.

















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